Rebels Lacrosse Club - The Rebels Lacrosse Club participates in the Jersey Girl Lacrosse Association (JGLA). It is made up of girls residing in Berkeley Heights, Mountainside and New Providence. Registration for the 2017 Season is open.

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Lacrosse Stick - there are a wide variety of sticks available at various price points. Our players, no matter what age, have had the best success with the STX Crux 300, Brine Dynasty Elite, or Brine Mantra 2. What sets these sticks apart is the soft pocket which helps players develop their craddling, passing, catching and shooting skills at a rapid rate. Mastering these skills is critical to the success and enjoyment of the sport. Every year we have players who buy a beginner stick, struggle unnecessarily, borrow a non-beginner stick and have a break through game. By this point, they have lost 4 weeks of development, their parents end up buying the better stick and out the cost of two sticks. There are some good deals on-line if you shop around on-line for the best price or you can pick up at Thompson's.

Goggles - these are mandatory and it is personal preference on what style you choose. US Lacrosse also allows players to wear sport glasses. Here is a complete list of authorized goggles and sport glasses.


Mouthguards - these are mandatory and may not be clear. It is important to have a proper fitting mouthguard to prevent injury and your daughter from ruining it from chewing on it.